Saturday, April 11, 2015

Passion of the Pinebelt

A Hattiesburg resident improves the lives of Hattiesburg's homeless with professional job training to transition them into today's job market. As someone who knows what it is like to be homeless, Scott Lees, the founder of Passion of the Pinebelt, has set out to help others in similar situations. 

He started out with the idea to help homeless veterans after finding out some startling information online about the amount of veterans living on the streets. He began taking clothes, food and toiletries as often as he could. Before long others began helping him, and they reached out to the entire homeless population in Hattiesburg. Then Passion of the Pinebelt was born. 

The nonprofit doesn't just provide basic necessities to the homeless of south Mississippi. Members also provide computer literacy courses and resume and job interview tips to help get them back on their feet. Many of those taking part in the courses have already found jobs. 

Lees said they also try to provide nice clothes for interviews as well, and there is a great need for men's work clothes, such as boots. 

The organization hosts numerous events each month through the Fieldhouse for the Homeless, a shelter in Hattiesburg.