Saturday, July 11, 2015

BBC, British Library and park lectures

Tuesday we had a full day of class visits. We started off with a morning visit to BBC, which the inner broadcaster in me was super excited about of course. Here we learned all about broadcasting standards in the UK and what the BBC tries to do differently than other news organizations.

BBC started out as an English service, but is now produced in 20 different languages. Mark Frankel of BBC said the hardest part of being a digital-first news organization is deciding how many outlets you should use. He said, “it’s a crowded market. How much should you really be doing?” Good question.

Frankel advised us when we use social media to not throw away good content. He said many stories can be repackaged for later use, so we should never throw out good stories because we have already put them out there. He also said the internet is moving at breakneck speed, so their followers jumped from 2 million to 16.5 million in just 3 years.

Next we visited the British Library, where I of course freaked out. I have been obsessed with books since I was little. Here we visited the Treasures of the British Library collection and saw many famous original works and manuscripts, from Beatles lyrics scribbled on scraps of paper to the sole surviving manuscript of Beowulf. Then we toured the Magna Carta exhibit and came face-to-face with it at the end.

Then we met up with Catherine Mayer in a park where we sat in the grass and got some time to pick the brain of an awesome journalist. She was once the editor of Time, published a book on Prince Charles who she spent six months with to write the book and started the Women’s Equality Party.

Then we finished up the day with a ride on the London Eye. One of the best days I have had.

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