Saturday, July 11, 2015


One of my favorite experiences since arriving in London was attending the Wireless Music Festival in Finsbury Park. Several friends and I searched for shows to see in London months before we left for our trip, and several of our favorite artists just happened to be performing while we're here. We saw Mary J. Blige, Childish Gambino, Tinashe and of course Kendrick Lamar.

We also saw a few other acts that we hadn't heard before coming to the UK. Like Conor Maynard. We had never heard of him before he played at the festival. Now he is one of our favorites. (: While planning our trip to Dublin, Ireland, for mini break our first choice for Spotify was Conor. We have so many of his songs memorized now.

I observed many things at the festival that differed from back home. It is impossible to compare two festivals no matter where they are located. But we noticed a few things at Wireless that we would not necessarily see back home. One thing that really stood out was what music was popular. Between sets the dj would play a lot of American music from several years ago. Stuff that we would change the station if it came on back home because it is now considered “old.” Here those songs are really popular. It is crazy how a song that we would never listen to at home anymore, they would freak out when it came on.

We had the most fun not only seeing performers that we know and love, but learning about some UK artists that have become new favorites. (:

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