Thursday, July 2, 2015

Social media distractions

So, our first day here my friends and I decided to go eat Mexican food and grab margaritas after our walking tour and celebrate the end of a tiring day after no sleep on the plane. We got to Wahaca's (the best Mexican restaurant with amazing margs) and found out there would be a 45 minute wait, so we went to the bar while we waited for a table.

Fifteen minutes later, there were four empty glasses on the table and four girls with their faces buried in their cell phones. We all looked around at the same time and started laughing when we realized what we were doing. Later on we noticed no one else in the entire restaurant had a cell phone in hand. They were all engaged with one another, really paying attention to the people at their tables and listening.

This is one thing I've noticed since we arrived, no one seems as into their phones as we Americans are. I haven't been nearly walked into on the sidewalk by someone with their eyes glued to their phones like I have back home. It's the strangest thing. I think we can take notes from the Brits on this. Social media is not the most important thing, the people across from you are.

It seems like the best nights since I've been here have been the ones when I didn't have wifi and my phone was useless. Then I could actually enjoy what's in front of me: a city bursting with history and art and interesting people. I miss my family, my friends and my guy, but I'm living in London. How often do you get to say that?

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