Sunday, July 26, 2015

Broadcast v. Print

After our very first lecture, something became very clear to me: British and American journalism are basically opposites. I never knew how different they were until the professor began telling us about how each operate. 

In America, our broadcast news organizations are known for their analysis and comment segments. Many are known for their biased commentary and slanted reporting of the news. Just comparing the coverage of certain stories is drastically different from one to another. 

However, our newspapers have a slightly better reputation for being more accurate and trusted. Newspapers in America are not quite as talked about for being slanted or biased. 

In the UK, it is a bit different. Broadcast news organizations are known for accurate and fair reporting. They are held to a higher standard because of the amount of regulations placed on broadcasters. Meanwhile, the newspapers are not quite as trusted. 

I did not expect such a stark difference between British and American journalism, but visits to various news organizations across London has showed me otherwise. 

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