Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pagoda PR and Union advertising agency

In Edinburgh we visited Pagoda Public Relations firm and the Union Ad Agency. These were two really interesting and fun lectures. Although I'm not really interested in pr or advertising, these visits were still two of the best we've done so far. 

Pagoda specializes in tourism and construction. Angela Casey, the managing director, said experience and good organization are key when dealing with a crisis. 

She also lauded the opportunities that social media, particularly Facebook, offers their company. Such as the ability to reach out to clients or get feedback from consumers. 

She said unless you have personal relationships with your clients and the community then not of the rest matters. 

The Union, the latest ad agency in Scotland, was our second stop. Here we learned that the UK is the fourth largest ad market in spend globally and for every pound spent on advertising, six pounds are earned. 

They told us that ads work best when they are emotionally engaging, humorous or empowering. 

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