Thursday, July 2, 2015

Museum of London

For a history nerd like me, the Museum of London was everything. I had the best time wandering along and reading through each exhibit. Several times I looked up to see that the others had gone ahead and I was still looking at everything and taking it all in.

One case that really struck me was of the Harper Road woman, AD 50-70. During this time period people were buried with their most prized possessions. Her bones happened to be found with a mirror, a necklace and two wine jars. She's one of my ancestors, I imagine.

I loved the medieval London exhibit the most though probably. This was where we gawked at the old dresses and corsets, watched a short film about the plague and made our way through to a long hallway devoted to the fire. I also loved the exhibit on women's suffrage, because feminism.

Anyway, another successful day in London with more fun experiences than I could count.

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