Saturday, July 11, 2015

Red Lion Pub

One afternoon on the elevator I spoke to another British Studies student about what course they were taking. When he responded with history of food, I could not stop myself from saying, “why?” As someone interested in politics, he responded with, “think about it. Where are political decisions made? It is not Parliament, but the local pub.”

I remembered thinking he was crazy, until I began looking into the places on our cultural visits list and saw a few pubs on our list. A few friends and I decided to do our visits together and explore, so we decided to only write about one pub. We began researching the different places on our list and when I read about the Red Lion pub I knew we just had to go there.

The pub has three floors and is known to be frequented by many political elites as it is located between 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. While we did not see any politicians – well we would not have known if we did anyway, because Americans – we still had a great time. We had to ask about the beer selection, because we had no idea. The political science nerd in me loved it. Probably the best pub I have been to since arriving.

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