Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sky TV

One of my favorite visits so far was to Sky TV. Here we met with Simon Bucks, the associate editor of Sky News who spoke with us about the show and gave us a tour of the building.

Sky News was the first twenty-four hour news broadcast in Europe. Bucks said the news organization is multi-platform as their work is produced online as well, and that they have  a “large international footprint” as they broadcast across Europe.

With the rise of digital-first news organizations, it comes as no surprise to me that their website is wildly popular with 22 million unique views monthly. This seems to be the trend with news organizations across the world in this age. Online content boosts popularity as it is easily accessible.

Sky News is also a nine-time winner of News Channel of the Year.

One thing that stood out to me is the difference between television in the US and the UK. Bucks told us that they are only allowed a maximum of twelve minutes per hour of advertisements, while in the US it is a little different. I’m not sure what the max is, but I know it is more than that.

While touring the newsroom, we noticed the news desk for broadcasts was located in the center of the newsroom. The desk rotates throughout the day to give a new background as it gets later. So for a brief moment we were in the background on the news. (:

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