Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rooster Punk and IPSO

Wednesday we visited Sport Talk Radio where we learned all about the 24-hour sports only broadcast. A male-dominated workplace, talking about male-dominated sports.

Next, James Trezana of Rooster Punk visited King’s College to talk to us a little bit about what the advertising agency does. He said the main focus of Rooster Punk is to help their clients tell stories through their customers. Companies can talk about what is so great about their products all day, but what really sticks out to people are the reviews - what real people think about the product or service – so he said that’s what they really try to focus on.

He said PR is all about relationships and that social media and blogs have led to a merging of PR and marketing. Trezana said Rooster Punk does not just hire artists, but people from a variety of backgrounds because the merging of these perspectives is what leads to the best storytelling.

In the advertising industry creativity is everything. Trezana said when you need a boost, get out of your office and change your scenery, don’t force it and just give it time.

Next we visited Independent Press Standards Association (IPSO) where we spoke with complaints officer Robyn Kelly. IPSO got started shortly after the closure of the PCC. IPSO serves to balance freedom of the press and expression while protecting individual’s rights. They work to protect the individual without restricting freedom of expression.

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