Sunday, July 26, 2015

London lovin'

A couple of years ago I visited London at the end of a mission trip to Moldova. We stopped in London before heading back to the U.S. and spent three days here during the Olympics. Those three days were nothing to prepare me for this summer. 

Arriving at King's College, I have never felt more nervous, excited and overwhelmed all at once before. I had no idea what was coming for me, but I have loved every second. 

Trips to various news organizations showed me that I chose the right field. While my degree is in journalism, my emphasis was broadcast journalism. Visiting news organizations like the Guardian and the Telegraph were encouraging and so much fun, but it was the South London Press that really got to me. 

Hearing someone talk about the importance of local newspapers and how they are more trustworthy and accurate stuck with me. It is because of those community connections and relationships in the community that make that possible. 

Exploring the city on my own and learning to navigate the tube taught me to be more independent. Getting lost in London is still a daily thing for me, but I can always find my way back so that is win for a directionally challenged person like me. 

While it has been a fantastic experience and something that I will treasure forever, I cannot wait to get home and use what I have learned.

I have missed my room and my bed, my family and friends, pancakes and my grandmother's cooking, air conditioning, driving my car, my job and south Mississippi. But I know when I return I'll miss my small flat and Stamford Street, my new friends, jacket potatoes and Nando's, not needing air conditioning, the tube and walking everywhere, class visits across the city and London. 

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