Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fact checking or nah?

When I worked as news editor at the Student Printz, one of my responsibilities before we hired a copy editor was to fact check stories. Each Sunday and Wednesday night the three of us, the managing and executive editors and I, would print, edit and factcheck each story before it was entered into the drive for layout. 

Once we hired a copy editor, she would come into production and triple check each story for the usual gsp errors, check names and so on. So it really struck me as odd when we visited a few news organizations and they said that they do not factcheck. 

It seemed so strange to me that their stories went straight from reporter to editor to print. One person who spoke to us commented that there was just a trust there that the reporters would get it right. At another, someone commented on the fact that the Guardian is infamous for misspelling names and such. Seems like fact checking might come in handy there, maybe? 

I do not know if this is just something that is unique to the place we visited or if maybe they misunderstood the question. But that is definitely something the Brits do differently. 

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