Sunday, July 26, 2015

No news is good news?

When I think of elections back home, the first thing that pops into my mind is not the politicians and the campaigning, but the journalists and news organizations that cover the entire thing. 

I know that is probably last on everyone else's mind, but this news junkie recalls staying up all night the night of the Hattiesburg mayoral election at Dupree headquarters to cover it. Who cares about that 8 a.m. class the next morning when you have the opportunity to do something like that? 

In America that is so common. News organizations offer constant coverage on Election Day. From profiles on candidates to analysis of the polls, you cannot escape it. However, when we visited CNN London we learned something very interesting. 

Regulations in the UK keep them from saying anything that could sway voters on Election Day. Meaning they cannot report on the election at all that day. Zero coverage. You read that right. Zero coverage. 

I thought they were joking when they  told us the most they could say is, "pretty weather out for getting to the polls today." And that is it. Definitely not something we are used to back home. 

Elections are coming up in my hometown and I could not imagine not seeing anything about it on our local television station. 

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