Thursday, July 2, 2015

PR and media defense

Today's visits gave us a little taste of several aspects of the media. Our first stop was at Richmond University to hear from Trevor Morris, an established public relations professional. He told us about the reality of PR and how it differs from how many define public relations.

He explained there are three types of media: bought, owned and earned. Bought media is obviously advertising, but owned and earned are both used by PR professionals. Owned could be anything from a website to social media accounts - something that professionals use to market themselves or their brand. Earned is when someone else promotes your brand for you.

Morris said the real definition is "persuading people to behave in ways that support your objectives." He said this is achieved through media relations and other forms of third party endorsements. His lecture was eye-opening because he was real about what public relations really is.

Our next stop was at Media Legal defense initiative. This is where a team of lawyers works to provide representation for journalists across the world. More than 40% of their cases deal with defamation. They pay legal fees and even provide lawyers to help journalists. This is because, as the founder said, "Without journalism society wouldn't be able to function." Truuuuue.

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