Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cab ride

After our adventure at the Wireless Festival, we made our way out to the tube to head back to our flat. Walking back to the underground from Finsbury Park we quickly discovered it would be impossible to get back that way. The underground was packed.

We walked around trying to decide what to do. Exhausted and cranky we decided to just split a cab. Our driver, Martin, turned out to be the best person we met all night. Once he heard our accents he had to hear all about where we were from and what it is like back home.

He told us the only place he ever visited in America was Vegas, and as much as he liked it there he said that Southerners were his favorite. He said there was just something about that Southern charm. He sang us Cash songs and asked about our travels.

He said the Southern charm is what set us apart from all of his other customers. Just a simple “thank you” and kind words to him made his day, because no one else even really spoke to him except to bark out their destination. He carried on with us the entire ride back, and sang more songs to us of course.

When we arrived at the dorm, he gave us a discount and when he heard us discussing our plans to go get dinner he drove us to the restaurant free of charge, just because of how kind we were. Southern charm goes a long way.

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