Monday, July 13, 2015


Yesterday I finally visited one place I have wanted to see since I arrived in London: Greenwich Park to see the Prime Meridian.

This is one of those times where I learned that traveling somewhere can actually be more fun than the place itself. A friend went with me, and of course we got lost trying to get from the underground to the overground. Then when we arrived in Greenwich we struggled to figure out where we were supposed to go.

After just sort of wondering around and following where the crowds of people were going, we found it. Because according to the website, Greenwich, one of the capital’s eight Royal Parks, is visited by millions of tourists and locals.

Well, we found the park, and saw that one the opposite end the Royal Observatory was situated on the top of a steep hill. We made it up the hill and stayed for about five minutes. Long enough to see it and snap a photo of course.

Something I have learned while I have been here is that getting lost in London is half the fun. Finding your way around the city is the best part. Difficult, but so much fun. Especially with the right company.

We did take a minute to take in the sights, as the steep hill proved to be worth the climb. The view of the River Thames was well worth the trip and the hike.

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